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OUR MISSION: To provide you with exceptional skin care and hair removal services that deliver results by working from the inside out.

OUR VISION: To build a relationship with our clients and design a program to improve your skin and overall health - both internally and externally.

Facial Services

Custom Facial
Our Signature Facial treats the skin exactly as it needs. (click for more info)
We use Enzymes to exfoliate, serums to target the skin’s specific needs and end with a mask to make you leave feeling refreshed and relaxed!

Facial Infusion
Non-Acid Peel target specific concerns of the skin. (click for more info)
Using a combination of heat & massage, we can enhance penetration of Active ingredients to treat Acne, Melasma, Rosacea and Hyperpigmentation

Men’s Facial
Our Signature Facial which is targeted for men suffering from razor bumps and excess oil. (click for more info)
Similar to the Custom Facial but with the Male client in mind. We work to control oil, hydrate the skin and nourish the delicate areas that can be irritated post-shaving

Ultrasonic Facial
Best for clients with dry, rough skin or excess sun exposure. (click for more info)
We use Ultrasonic waves to gently remove excess skin buildup. Then to stimulate circulation to ensure products are being delivered into the skin

Microcurrent (click for more info)
Microcurrent utilizes electromagnetic current to lift and tone the muscles in the face, which works to smooth fine lines and wrinkles, lift and tone sagging skin and de-puff dark circles and bags under the eyes. Think of this as a workout for your facial muscles, but we can also push product into the skin, so you will improve the skinís texture, minimize pores and even help with scarring. Microcurrent is done in a series of treatments every week for 6-8 weeks, then monthly to maintain the muscle tone.

Waxing Services

All our Brow, Face and Bikini/Brazilian waxing uses Hard Wax to minimize redness, irritation, and post-waxing bumps. (click for more info)

We use Ultrasonic waves to gently remove excess skin buildup. Then to stimulate circulation to ensure products are being delivered into the skin

Brow Shaping - Trim, Wax and Fill 

Brow Design - Trim, Tint, Wax and Fill 

Bikini - Waxing around the bikini line

Brazilian - Full Wax of Bikini, including Buttocks

Men's Waxing - Back waxing

Oncology Services

Samantha has received advanced training and now specializes in treating clients as a whole as we help our clients cope with Cancer, Treatments and Emotional Well-being. This facial treatment is completely individualized based on the clients diagnosis, treatment progression and ailments associated with medications and treatments. We also have a referral system in place to help you as well.

Caring Facial: The goal of our Caring Facial is to hydrate, nourish and calm the skin, as well as provide a safe-place to relax knowing you are in good hands.

"I believe that most of the skin conditions can be prevented or minimized. I try to enforce that with all my clients and I love to educate about why good skin care is so important."


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